WhatsApp – World most popular cross platform instant messaging app

Whatsapp doesn’t need an introduction as it has been the most popular app on the app stores. It is as cross platform message app that let you send unlimited messaging to your friends and colleagues without paying even a single penny. However this app operates through internet, hence it is mandatory to have internet connection in your smartphone.


We have several alternative of this app and among those, Viber, WeChat, Skype, LINE are direct virals which have captured large number of audience and give a good competition to WhatsApp. Earlier WhatsApp had no calling feature and almost everyone used to use any of above said app to make calls to other users but recently WhatsApp brought calling feature few months back.

Now almost all major platform users can install WhatsApp latest version and make calls to their friends. Windows phone users received this feature couple of week back however android and iOs users got it long back. According to the sources, the app has been installed at more than 800 million users and it is expected to grow beyond one billion.

Now people are eagerly waiting for WhatsApp video calling feature which is missing in this app however the rivals allow to make video call since a very long time.

WhatsApp released the web version of WhatsApp called WhatsApp web where the users can mirror their WhatsApp directly on the computer browser by simply scanning QR code appears on http://www.web.whatsapp.com through QR code scanner. Once the connection is established, all the notification will be displayed on the screen.

People can have free whatsApp download done through the respective app store to take advantage of calling feature.


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